Who We Are And What Makes Us Awesome

While customer service is still gaining maturity in India and several other countries, industry leaders today recognize that effective and efficient customer service and supply chain management can have a critical impact on customer acquisition, retention and cost management. Thus, superior customer service can significantly enhance profitability and service operations can emerge as a powerful profit center. Geared to combat the lacuna in customer service operations, the service solutions℠ was formed with focus on providing innovative, yet simplified solutions to its client's most complex business problems across products, processes and practices.

We offer unique blend of consulting-led engagements and solutions that facilitate systematic intervention in key result areas through technology intermediation.
The identity of the service solutions℠ is an amalgamation of its vision, mission and values. The flex symbol is inspired by the simple and agile efficiency of a boomerang and emphasizes our performance pattern where complex service solutions are delivered to our clients in an innovative way with surprising simplicity and fluid ease of execution.

Meet Our Talented Team

the service solutions℠ was founded in early 2009, management team has rich and varied expertise of building and managing large-scale, successful operations, service and supply chain infrastructure spanning over 75 collective years. The firm's management team comprises of a group of young professionals with strong lineage and hands on experience in the Customer Experience space with proven results. Each member of the firm has designed and run an independent function or department in a leadership role in the field of manufacturing, consulting, supply chain management, technical support, after sales service and customer care.