Apple Care CRM


End to End
Service Management System
for Apple Care Partners,
fully Integrated with Apple GSX.

Key Modules

Customer Management

Customer Registration

Product Registration

APP Registration

Customer History

Product Transfers between Customers

Product Image/Bill Copy Uploads

Customer Segmentation

Installed Base Management

Service Management

Job Creation

Repair Priority Definitions

Service Checklists (Inward & Outward)

Automated Job Assignment - Skill Based

Step by Step Diagnostics

Service Reports

My Work List Concept

Job Reroute

Option to Update Chat History

AST Compliance Checklists

Repair Closure

Delivery Reports

Inventory Management

Stock Orders

Orders Against a Job

Purchase & Consignment Inventory

Stock Count (Cycle Count)

Stock Adjustment

KBB Triggers

KBB Workflow

Return Label Print

Customer Interactions

Repair Process Updates

Collection Interactions

Estimate Related Interactions

Special Promotions


Customer Appointment

Feedback On the Go

Happy Calling

Escalation Option for Customer


On the Job Quotations

Proforma Invoice Generation

Estimate Approval Process

Email/SMS Approvals

Vendor Management

Vendor Creation

Vendor Terms Definition

Vendor Purchase Orders

Vendor Payment Traction

Billing & Claims

Service Billing

APP Billing

Accessory Billing

Advance Payment Receipts

FG Sales & Purchase

FG Purchase

Material Receipt

Sales & Invoice

Advance Payment Receipt

Payment Receipt Post Delivery

Operational Rigor

Email & SMS Notifications

Email & SMS Escalations

Visual Indicators

Priority Definitions

Automated Attendance Traction


SOLDTO Account Management

SHIPTO Account Management

Super Admin Capabilities

Role Based Access Definitions

Collection Center Management


Non-Usage Timeouts

Session Logout on Browser Call

SQL Injection Prevention

IP Range Restriction

Encrypted Customer Information


Repair Recommendations

Repair History

Remote Diagnostics

Step by Step Diagnosis

Automated Skill Mapping

Reports & Analytics

SLA Adherence Report

TAT Report

KBB TAT Report

CSAT Report

Parts Per Repair Report

Open Job Report

FTF Report

Multi Dimensional KPI Report

Reminder Report

Escalation Report

CEO Dashboard

Look Up Job & Track n Trace (End to End, All in One)

Top 10 Failure Report (Product & Problem Specific)

Engineer Performance Report

Defective Return Report

Stock Aging Report

Stock Summary Report

Quotation Report

Invoice Report

Claim Report

Customer Segment Report

Happy Calling Report

Installed/Customer Base Report

Sales Report

Centerwise Reports