The consumer durables industry is one of the largest and most important industry both from a country's economy and society point of view. With size, comes a wide array of challenges for the companies to deal with and one among them is the after-market service operations where the service solutions℠ sees significant opportunities to add value to our clients.


In the highly competitive Consumer durables industry, hundreds of new products are launched in the market every month and millions of consumers jump from brand to brand, buying what they believe to be the best product and best value. With so many alternatives available to choose from, customer service and after-market service can play a crucial role in consumer loyalty and retention.



the service solutions℠ provides a host of services and solutions for the consumer durable industry in order to gain superior control on processes and mission critical data to ensure manage the AMS operations in a more efficient and effective manner and help companies achieve their goal of superior customer satisfaction at competitive costs.

  • After-Market-Service (AMS) platform
  • Reverse Logistics solutions
  • Service Audits
  • Strategy and Operations consulting
  • Service Analytics