Repair Factory Solution

Repair Factory Solution


Nokia has been a pioneer in conceptualizing 'Repair Factories' to manage high volume, component level repair centers across the globe. The Nokia Repair Factories are centralized locations, under the direct supervision of Nokia where defective phones from customers are diagnosed, fixed and tested just how it happens in a manufacturing setup.

Our Repair Factory Solution is built to manage Repair Factory operations seamlessly and is fully integrated with Nokia's Warranty Management Platform, Technical Knowledge Base, Claim Management System & Service Job System. The Repair Factory Solution is also capable of integration with any Logistics Service Provider system and any standard ERP system for end to end logistics and financial traction.

Key Features

Setup & Planning - Highly Dynamic Administration Capabilities

Booking - Carry In Repair Booking

Repair Management - Includes linkage to Service Bulletins, Technical Bulletins and controlled Nokia Repair Groups, Symptom Code & Fault Code norms as per ECH policies of Nokia

BGA Repair and QC Management

Parts Inventory Management (End to End)

Defective Parts Return Management as per MR policies of Nokia

Customer Quotation Management

Automated Service Claim Generations as per Nokia norms

End of Life Management

Invoice Management

DAP Process Management

Light Swap Process Management

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Knowledge Management