Remote Monitoring System



Remote Monitoring systems provide round the clock surveillance of mission critical performance parameters of geographically distributed installations of equipment.

The system provides the capability to maintain visibility and control over equipment, facilities and operations (single or multiple locations) in unattended, inaccessible and distant locations.

The solution uses a combination of intelligent sensors and controller systems (PLC) coupled with GPRS communication devices for measuring and transmission of data over the air to a remote server. The remote server hosts the required software with built-in algorithms for generating insights in to the operational performance of the systems.

Key Features

Plug and play feature allows easy installation and configuration of systems across various industry verticals.

Zero data transmission loss while communicating with the remote server over-the-air.

Compatible with a wide variety of communication protocols (RS 232, RS 485 etc.)

Controller comes with both capacitive and resistive touch screen HMI that can be installed as per the requirement.

Easily configurable data collection and transmission frequency as per requirement.

Configurable automated alerts through SMS/email.


Allows effective and efficient planning and execution of predictive maintenance activities resulting in increased product/component life.

Automated preventive maintenance alerts ensures adherence to predictive maintenance schedules and hence reduce risk of product/component failures.

Provides insights in to component and product level failure trends.

Optimize service cost as most of the problem diagnosis happens remotely and hence limits service technician's visit to the sites.

Powerful analytics using voluminous amount of authentic data collected at source without any manual intervention provides for effective decision making across the management hierarchy.