Supply Chain Automation


Technological advancements have allowed us to automate many of the often tedious work-related tasks that used to consume large amounts of time and effort. As anyone who is responsible for the inventory management of a business knows, any way to automate these processes can cut down on waste, remove inefficiencies, and above all else, save time and money.

the service solutions℠ believes that the true automation of the supply chain is not only at the stocking points, but across the value chain, including transportation and sales points. Hence the service solutions℠ offers turnkey automation solutions for large manufacturers, distributors in the following areas:

  • At Manufacturing Locations/Factories
  • At Centralized Stocking Points/Warehouses
  • Through the logistics and transportation cycle
  • At Point of Sale

With the automated supply chain management solutions from the service solutions℠, you can implement the most advanced, precise, and cost-efficient business processes in these areas. the service solutions℠'s state-of-the-art supply chain automation management and inventory control tools work in conjunction with RFID tracking devices, and other advanced products to create an all-in-one solution.

Factories and Warehouse

Our solution provides the following key benefits:

  • Stock Location Management - Intelligent Warehouse Management Solution
  • Automated Pick and Pack - Robotic Pick and Pack solutions
  • Automated Sortation - Conveyor and Pneumatic Arm driven sortation solutions
  • Automated Move Order Confirmation - Integration with ERP for move order confirmation
  • Stock counts in minutes - RFID solution helps stock count in minutes

Logistics and Transportation

Our solution provides the following key benefits:

  • Fleet Management - GPS Enabled solution helps you manage your fleet efficiently and maintain travel history, service records and breakdown incidents
  • Real time movement traction - To track both your inventory and your logistics service provider so that you can inform your customers on the delivery schedule real time
  • Theft prevention - RFID solution helps prevent possible thefts

Point of Sale

  • Automated Stock Inward - No manual activities at the time of stock inward
  • Theft prevention
  • Customer Loyalty - Identify customers intelligently
  • Stock count at the end of every shift