The global telecom industry has seen unprecedented growth both in terms of subscriber base, service offerings and revenues in the last decade. With the roll out of 3G and 4G services across the globe, the revenue enhancing potential for the service providers has increased multifold. There is also a lot of excitement in the mobile handset market with a wide variety of devices being launched by global brands and OEMs alike.


With this kind of growth, managing customer services operations becomes critical and important to maintain the customer base and sustain growth for companies. While most carriers deliver customer service through call-center model, mobile handset manufacturers and brand owners follow a similar model to consumer durables industry - distributed outsourced model for managing after market operations. In order to enhance brand value and customer value proposition, companies are increasingly focusing on superior customer service/after-market service than ever before.


Taking cognizance of the importance of telecom industry and the challenges it faces in managing customer relationship and after market operations, the service solutions℠ has the following services to offer to potential clients in this space.

  • After-Market-Service (AMS) Platform
  • Warranty Validation Tool
  • Reverse Logistics Solutions
  • Service Audits
  • Strategy and Operations Consulting
  • Service Analytics