Trade in Portal

Trade in Portal


The Trade-in Portal helps customers to run their buy-back program for their customers. The system has a built-in pricing engine that recommends a price range for the used product based on the ageing, physical and functional conditions. The system then tracks the returned product all through the value chain up to the principal (OEM) for recycling, refurbishing, re-sale and/or scrap.

Key Features

Intelligent product pricing algorithm; configurable as per client requirement.

Track and Trace feature that allows tracking of the bought-back product right up to the principal.

Service Oriented architecture helps integration with any enterprise application using the standard integration interfaces/connectors.

Capability to generate redemption vouchers either in electronic or paper forms.

Easy-to-use, self-service mobile application for running end-to-end trade-in programs at Enterprises, Retail Chains, Carrier Networks and others.


  • Allows brand owners/OEMs to run fully controlled (both in terms of process and pricing) trade-in programs as part of their marketing efforts and/or Employee benefits programs to build brand loyalty.
  • Allows customers to either purchase new product or receive cash in lieu of the used product.
  • Helps companies run Environment friendly re-cycle/waste management programs.